Paranormal Mystery Suspense Novel “Hidden Scent”

New Novel Release: Hidden Scent (Paranormal Mystery Suspense)

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About the Story:

Young Kim’s father, a famous artist, suddenly dies in a drowning accident. He leaves all his fortune to a 22-year-old orphan, Ellin Yoon. A failed robbery attempt and the merciless slaying of the housekeeper unveil a deadly secret, which Young’s father tried desperately to protect. As the body count continues to pile up, Young realizes his father has unleashed a supernatural phenomenon that kills. To save the one he loves, the hero comes face to face with the malicious, powerful, yet amorphous murderer…

Hidden Scent is a fast-paced paranormal, mystery suspense novel peppered with humor, romance and many refreshing surprises.


金阳的父亲, 著名画家金铭泰, 突然死于溺水事故。 他将庞大的遗产赠与一名22岁的孤女尹悦。一起入室抢劫凶杀案将金铭泰隐藏了多年的秘密推上台面。在追查真相的过程中更多的人离奇死亡,而所有恐怖事件都与女继承人尹悦有所关联。一本日记将父亲尘封多年的往事揭开。金阳赫然发现杀人“凶手”竟是被父亲的画笔所唤醒的孤魂。而它下一个目标正是自己最心爱的人。。。

如果你喜欢古典文学聊斋志异中的故事, 那么你一定会爱上这部发生在美国纽约的现代灵异惊险悬疑爱情小说《暗香》。 它是一部将中国传统文化和美国(西方)现代文化完美结合的作品。故事集幽默,惊悚,悬疑,纯爱为一体。

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Book Review:

This is indeed a paranormal mystery suspense novel, a fiction that is so educative, interesting to read and keeps one in suspense as each chapter unfolds. The use of traditional words, phrases and idioms made it more fun and explanatory for readers. It reveals the emotions, thought and feelings of the characters. It explains vividly the trauma faced in life when it comes to relationship and adventure. The writer did a perfect work by going further to reveal the effect of immoral act (Lies) and its consequence. The conscious and subconscious mind of humans was revealed and positive outcome of letting go the past and to live a new life. There is no doubt that kudos should be given to the author for displaying professionalism and having an adept knowledge in drawing the story to a reconcilable and joyful end.

  • Lucy Darius (U.S.) writer, proofreader, editor & critic

《暗香》是一部真正的超自然悬疑惊险小说,内容具知识性趣味性为一体,让读者的心跟随故事情节的发展而波荡起伏。书中所引用的经典词句和成语使小说更加栩栩如生。主人公的情绪,思想和感受被淋漓尽致的描绘出来。作者用诙谐动情的文笔完美的呈现出人性的阴暗与挣扎,以及渴望将过去的罪恶埋葬,拥抱崭新未来的愿望。毫无疑问, 作者以她专业的文笔和丰富的知识勾勒出一个有深度,动人且美好的故事。



About dreamlin

Lin has harbored a dream of becoming a novelist since the tender age of 14. When she was 17, her family moved from Mainland China to US in searching for a better life. Language barrier, culture difference, and countless life struggles did not shatter her spirit. Instead, they became the source of her inspiration, and fuel to pursue her dream. Lin is a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien. His epic fantasy adventure novel the Lord of the Rings has a great impact on her. However, the lack of romance in the original story stimulates her to create the Thousand Year Promise. Lin loves poetry, mythology, classic & pop music, and literature. To this day, epic fantasy remains her favorite genre. Lin's second novel is a paranormal mystery called "Hidden Scent", peppered with suspense, romance and a touch of magic. Everyone has a secret to hide, and in the process of uncovering the truth, morality is in danger of being forfeited. It's a ghost story with heart and soul. Her most recent work "The Price of a Lie" exposes dark courtroom secrets legal professionals don’t want the public to know. The story unveils the masks of judges and lawyers, how they deceive the public, abuse their power at will, and help criminals escape the punishment of the law. Apart from a typical victim, the heroine in this tale is witty, brave and resourceful. In a dire situation, she does not give in to despair, instead, uses strategy and facts to overcome the obstacles.
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