The Chinese Version of “The Thousand Year Promise” is soon to be released worldwide

One month after Fantasy Adventure Novel <The Thousand Year Promise > Volume I <The Eye of Phoenix> got published on Amazon, an auspicious Chinese publishing company (Fiberead) acquires the rights to translate the novel into Chinese, and distribute it to the Chinese Market Worldwide.



About dreamlin

Lin has harbored a dream of becoming a novelist since the tender age of 14. When she was 17, her family moved from Mainland China to US in searching for a better life. Language barrier, culture difference, and countless life struggles did not shatter her spirit. Instead, they became the source of her inspiration, and fuel to pursue her dream. Lin is a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien. His epic fantasy adventure novel the Lord of the Rings has a great impact on her. However, the lack of romance in the original story stimulates her to create the Thousand Year Promise. Lin loves poetry, mythology, classic & pop music, and literature. To this day, epic fantasy remains her favorite genre. Lin's second novel is a paranormal mystery called "Hidden Scent", peppered with suspense, romance and a touch of magic. Everyone has a secret to hide, and in the process of uncovering the truth, morality is in danger of being forfeited. It's a ghost story with heart and soul. Her most recent work "The Price of a Lie" exposes dark courtroom secrets legal professionals don’t want the public to know. The story unveils the masks of judges and lawyers, how they deceive the public, abuse their power at will, and help criminals escape the punishment of the law. Apart from a typical victim, the heroine in this tale is witty, brave and resourceful. In a dire situation, she does not give in to despair, instead, uses strategy and facts to overcome the obstacles.
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